Yakuza 6 New Battle Footage

While the west is still waiting for Yakuza Zero, Japan is already preparing for Yakuza 6, the newest installment of this over the top series.






The engine was made from the ground up for the PlayStation 4. There is finally no visual difference between cutscenes and in-game footage. We haven’t seen a single loading screen for the duration of the video. This means that entering and exiting battles and even buildings is seamless. The animations have also been improved and are much more fluid this time around.


There are also a ton of little details that make the game even cooler. Staring at people in a sexy club makes them react in a hilarious way, while kicking an enemy in front of the convenience store has the doors open for them.


The footage of Yakuza 6 starts at around the 11-minute mark.



Yakuza 6 is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and will be available this Autumn in Japan.

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