Yandere Simulator is Madly in Love with Senpai

Tsundere girls stand back, someone finally decided to make a Yandere Simulator. Here you play as Yandere-chan, a sweet innocent girl, who is madly in love with her senpai. But because she is shy, she can never confess her love to him. This proves to be a problem, as senpai seems to attract a lot of other girls. The solution? Murder them all!


You can murder your rivals similar to the way you assassinate targets in Hitman. You find a weapon in school and murder the unsuspecting rival. Once the deed is done you should dispose as much evidence as possible to prevent an investigation. In the case that there is a witness and you didn’t manage to stop them, they might report you to the police. You then have a limited amount of time to get rid of the corpse, murder weapon, change your bloody clothes and mop away any blood stains on the floors. Not sure where to find the last few of bloody foot prints? No problem you can activate something called “Yandere Vision” which allows you to see through walls and find any forgotten clues.



Going on a murder spree may not always be an option. Killing too many people will make Yandere-chan go visibly insane, but thanks to the power of love she can recover a bit by standing next to her beloved senpai.


But you won’t need to be a blood thirsty psychopath to enjoy this game. You may opt to take a more elegant approach, by threatening your target, spreading rumors about them or even finding them someone else to love instead of your senpai. With the game still early in development there are a lot of crazy ideas the developer might explore such as kidnapping girls and brainwashing them.


Assisting you with your innocent love is Info-chan, a sly girl who writes for the school papers. She will send you info about any girls you take a photo of, for a price of course. Her payment are panty shots, so you will need to whip out your phone and take as many as possible, preferably by sneaking around just like in another upcoming game.



You will also be able to have a look inside Yandere-chan’s room. Here you can change your panties, each differently influencing some of Yandere-chan’s stats. You can also look at the cork board and hang up any images you may have taken at school. Finally you can look at senpai’s shrine where you place anything you managed to find or steal from your beloved senpai, such as his tooth brush or a bandage with some of his delicious blood on it.


For those of you that want to finally grab onto their favorite senpai, you can download a demo of the game. For now it’s just an early sandbox test, so bugs are to be expected.


If you wish to support Yandere-chan’s love, you can do so via Patreon.

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