Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm reaches its goal

As many of you will no doubt have noticed – Yatagarasu Attack on Catyclysm, the sequel to the 2D fighter from ex-SNK devs Hotapen – has not just successfuly reached it’s campaign goal – but has gone on to surpass it, reaching a number of its stretch goals. This makes Yatagarasu the most successful crown funded doujin project ever!


When we reported on the campaign to have this superb fighter updated, we were impressed by how modest a goal Hotapen and NyuMedia had set themselves. A wholly realistic goal which we  hoped would mean a well deserved update to this game would surely implemented.



What has impressed us even more is the fact that the Fighting Game Community at large – yourselves included, have rallied around this fantastic game to help truly realise Hotapen’s vision. So much so that the original target of $68, 000 managed to reach a whopping $118, 000 in the final days of the campaign – nearly doubling the original goal!



What does this mean? Well, four of the campaign’s stretch goals have been met – which will see Yatagarasu get a 3rd new character, refinements to the existing roster, including new moves, voices and rebalancing and, perhaps most importantly, the implementation of GGPO net code for improved online play. This is something that the FGC has campaigned for and it’s fantastic news to see that this will be implemented.



We caught up with Shiza of Yatagarasu’s developers Hotapen to give our congratulations – and he asked that we passed this message on to you all.


Hello everyone, this is the Yatagarasu team’s Shiza.


Thanks to all your support, we made a big success at indiegogo for the “Yatagarasu – Attack on Cataclysm” campaign.Thank you very much indeed.


Yatagarasu was made available outside Japan for the first time on Rice Digital. I think one of the biggest factors to the success at indiegogo is the large support of you that Yatagarasu gained through Rice Digital.


We are going to work on the development of the new title from now on.  I promise we’ll create something you will enjoy!


Thank you for your continued support!



Our good friends at NyuMedia are also over the moon. Founder Seon King, all-round nice guy, and tireless champion of the doujin scene had this to say;


“We’re absolutely delighted with the result. The funds raised will make Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm even bigger and better than originally planned, but just as big a win for us was the rally by the Fighting Game Community that took us past our fourth stretch goal – all with next to no support from major gaming press. It’s a win for the community and we’re looking forward to bringing Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm to everyone in the new year!”


Couldn’t have put it better myself!



Once again, big congratulations to Hotapen and NyuMedia on this great success – we very much look forward to charting Yatagarasu’s progress over the following months.


If you can’t wait for Attack on Cataclysm – then why not get a head start with the most recent version – currently available on the Rice Digital Store.


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