Your Name Review – A Makoto Shinkai Masterpiece (Anime)

Your Name took the world by storm, and even saying that might be an understatement. A variety of news outlets reported on it, it performed above expectations at the box office, and it quickly became one of the most critically acclaimed anime ever. 


Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name deserves all of the praise it gets, and you should definitely be buying it when it releases next month on DVD and Blu-ray. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen Your Name thanks to Anime Limited’s push into getting it in cinemas across the UK, but if you haven’t then now’s the perfect time to watch one of the most breathtaking movies of our time. Your Name follows high-school students Mitsuha and Taki as they try to learn more about each other when they find themselves often switching bodies after sleeping.


your name review


One of the most breathtaking movies of our time.

After accepting this as a common occurrence, they begin to explore each other’s vastly different worlds — Mitsuha is only familiar with the Hida region, which is flush with nature and mountains, whilst Taki lives in the bustling heart of Japan, Tokyo. Of course, they eventually want to meet each other as they slowly begin to fall in love.


Its magical, heart-warming story will enrapture you in all of its beauty, and you’ll quickly realise that it really does live up to the high level of praise it has consistently received. I’ve been a big fan of Makoto Shinkai for several years now, and his ability to create masterful works hasn’t diminished since his debut back in the 1990s. He isn’t only known for his outstanding storytelling though, but also because each of his works look so incredibly gorgeous.


your name review


Its magical, heart-warming story will enrapture you in all of its beauty.

Director Makoto Shinkai has always been great at bringing his visions to life, and Your Name is arguably his best work yet — that said, it’s hard to choose when he has so many outstanding titles under his belt! He doesn’t do it all alone though, and it’s thanks to the team at CoMix Wave Films for animating his work so splendidly — they’ve animated many of his previous works too, and you likely already know just how eye-catching they are!


Your Name demands your attention with its story, but you won’t want to tear your eyes away when you see just how brilliant the movie looks. It’s undeniably among the most impressive anime works out there.


your name review



I was fortunate enough to watch Your Name when it was in cinemas and when I did, it was the English dubbed version. Both English and Japanese options are included here, and you really cannot go wrong with either – they’re both excellent.


Michael Sinterniklaas and Stephenie Sheh bring Taki and Mitsuha marvelously to life with their flawless and passionate performances. RADWIMPS’ work on the soundtrack is equally as remarkable, and it’s lovely that Anime Limited has made it so easily accessible in the UK with the movie’s steelbook edition.


your name review


Your Name deserves every single word of praise that it has received.

Whether or not you have a particular fondness for animated movies, you won’t want to miss home release of this sensational movie. Your Name deserves every single word of praise that it has received, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself just as engrossed in this tale as I was.


It can be a little complex on its first viewing but, thankfully, it’s easy to rewatch — it is an amazing movie, after all! Makoto Shinkai’s name is widely known throughout the world now, and I’m excited to see what he’ll create next — the famed director once said that he considers Your Name to be unfinished, and that he wanted more time to work on it, but I’m not sure that it could’ve been any better.

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