Ys IX adds local co-op on PC

The PC version of Ys IX now includes local co-op, along with support for more screen resolutions.

As detailed by the Steam patch notes, the implementation of local co-op in Ys IX is less limiting than in Ys VIII on PC. Player 2 can do most things the primary player can, including using movement abilities and opening chests. The only real limits are in regards to the map and interacting with menus.

Since this (as with Ys VIII) is more of a passion project by PC developer Durante than something initially intended by Falcom, there are still some restrictions to gameplay. Camera movement is shared between both players, and control rebinding is not possible for player 2. And, while it’s technically possible to play online via Steam Remote Play Together and Parsec, this will require decent upload speeds to be useable.

It’s a nice bonus for PC players that could be an interesting way to play through the game if you take the limits into consideration. The additional resolution support also means that the game properly supports Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck.

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