Ys IX European PS4 release set for February 5, Switch and PC in Summer

Despite Trails of Cold Steel IV’s English release still being a month away, we already have a release date for Ys IX too. Well, Ys IX on PS4 anyway.

Adol’s latest adventure will be making its way to the West next year, arriving for the PS4 February 5 in Europe. North Americans get it a few days earlier on February 2, while PC and Switch users must wait until Summer for their chance to play.

Considering that the PS4 version of Ys IX seemed to have a few framerate issues, it’ll be interesting to see how these two new versions perform.

PC porting is being handled by PH3 GmbH — a company formed by Durante, the guy who made the PC release of Dark Souls actually good — so it’s in safe hands. Ys VIII also had a solid Switch port, though the more demanding nature of Ys IX could prove an issue for the underpowered system.

To tide us over until Ys IX’s launch next year, NISA have released a new trailer to show off the game’s combat system. Looks a lot like the last game, with some nifty new movement abilities.

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