Ys VIII PC Version Delayed Indefinitely, Localisation Update Still On Track

Originally, those who wanted to play the Ys VIII PC version had it good. It was set to release 30th Jan, alongside the localisation update (the original one being so bad the NIS America CEO had to publicly apologise). While the localisation is still set to update on that date, the PC version has been pushed back with no new release date.


Quotes are from NIS America VP and COO, Mitsuharu Hiraoka:


To all of you who have been anxiously awaiting the PC release of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, we have a very regrettable announcement: we are once again pushing the release to an as-of-yet indeterminate date. We sincerely apologize for this delay, and we would like to explain in detail the reason why we are proceeding with the delay. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand that many of you will be upset about this news. For that, and most importantly, for the delay, we are very sorry.

Get your big holes in before the Jan 30 update.


The delay comes due to numerous issues with development of the PC port, such as “low framerate issues and memory leak problems”. This is apparently because “as the PC version of the game was originally envisioned as a port, we avoided touching the core programming as much as possible and focused on PC performance optimization.”


After the localisation update is out, they’ve promised that a new developer will be taking on the PC port to get it up to scratch. You’ve gotta appreciate the candid nature of the statement — it’s not often someone puts out a press release to admit they’re not good enough to do a PC port so are getting someone else to do it instead.


PC players right now.


For those who already pre-purchased on Steam, the press release also includes a link to get a refund if you don’t want to keep your pre-order so far in advance.


Fingers crossed that the announced Switch port’s development is going okay!


The YS VIII localisation update is coming to PS4 on 30th January 2018. The PC port has been delayed indefinitely.

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