YU-NO Anime Adaptation Revealed With Promo Video

5pb and MAGES have announced they will be working with GENCO and Studio feel for a YU-NO anime adaptation. There’s very little in the way of details for now – even the promo video is as bare bones as it gets. Marvel at its pretty logo in the video below:

YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world is a visual novel about a student called Takuya Arima, who receives a mysterious package from his missing father, along with a letter talking about the existence of parallel worlds. Though skeptical at first, Takuya soon realises that he now has a device that will let him travel to alternate dimensions. Does this device explain his father’s recent disappearance?


YU-NO anime adaptation revealed

The YU-NO anime doesn’t have any kind of a release date yet. A remake of the visual novel will be released in Japan in March 2017 for PS4 and PS Vita.

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