YU-NO Remake Opening Video

Old-school visual novels are making a comeback with Eve Burst Error R and now YU-NO. Considered among the best visual novels to date, “YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world” will be getting a remake early next year.



Originally for the NEC PC-9801 in 1996, the game was later ported to Sega Saturn and Windows. Thanks to 5pb. this classic will be remade for newer platforms.


The opening video for the game features a new song called “Recalling” sung by Eri Sasaki.



The story follows Arima Takuya who mysteriously receives a package from his dead father. The package contains documents explaining dimensional travel and a device which warps him to the same spot every 50 hours, wiping his memory, but allowing him to keep all the items he picked up until then.


yu-no trailer - 1


The game features time travel, dimensional travel and an inventory system which you keep between jumps. The game was originally an adult visual novel and simulation game. The remake has all new modernized visuals and voices. How much of the original gameplay and content it will retain, we still have to see.


yu-no trailer - original


YU-NO will be out on PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan in spring. The original game has a fan translation, but still no word on a western release of the remake.

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