Yu Suzuki planning Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Project?

So, word over twitter today is that Shenmue 3 may be the recipient of a kickstarter project – an idea we here at Rice can totally get behind. Apparently the news comes from Yu Suzuki himself, who made the suggestion to French journalist, Sebastien Abdelhamid. Apart from that, no further detail has been given.


The comment was apparently made during a presentation of Kavinsky’s debut album to Yu Suzuki. The album itself is born out of the Suzuki driving classic – Outrun.



Yu Suzuki has long alluded to his desire to finish this epic saga – though Sega currently hold the IP, and such a project would undeoubtedly take significant funds to complete. So the question is, if this Kickstarter was initiated? How deep would you dig?


Me? I’ve got a spare £100 to get him started! : )



Contributor I Love Japanese Games recently wrote a column on why this game should never be made.

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