Yuri DRPG Witch and Lilies hits Steam early access May 24

Stromatosoft has revealed that its yuri dungeon crawler Witch and Lilies will hit Steam Early Access on May 24, 2024.

Witch and Lilies has you creating a party of 5 adventurers from a pool of 10 customisable classes. Building a solid party composition is key to tackling the many enemies of each labyrinth, but there’s more to it in this DRPG.

Instead of just classes and stats, you’ll also have to balance the relationship between each party member. You can give advice to the party, helping their bonds grow and potentially leading towards dating or something more.

Taking into account character pairings will allow you to build an even stronger party, with lovers having the ability to cover their partner against damage or unleash co-op abilities.

Currently, there is little information on how Early Access will be handled. The Early Access section on Witch and Lilies’s Steam page is blank — the fact that this wouldn’t be a full release was also not known until the release date trailer.

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