Yuri Manga Citrus and Netzusou TRap Anime Adaptations Announced

Ah, a Citrus anime is finally happening! As evidenced on Citrus author Saburouta’s Twitter account and website Natalie.mu, anime adaptations are in the works for both Citrus and Netzusou TRap. I’ve been waiting for a Citrus adaptation since Seven Seas started releasing the manga in English but yuri anime doesn’t tend to do very well usually – hopefully these two will change that!
Citrus follows fashion-centric and energetic Yuzu after her mother remarries and she’s transferred into another school, and this is where she meets her stoic step-sister Mei. They don’t get along very well and all Yuzu wanted to do was fit in, find a boyfriend and do what many schoolgirls her age do, but she finds herself thinking more and more about Mei. It’s one of my favourite on-going manga series’ and I recommend checking it out, especially as it focuses a lot on the characters.

Netsuzou TRap follows friends Yuma and Hotaru who both have boyfriends and practice with each other, but keep it a secret and realise that maybe they don’t want to stop. Seven Seas is also publishing this one and recently released the first volume.

I’ve wanted a Citrus anime for a long time so I’m really looking forward to this and I might even check out Netsuzou TRap too, although the latter doesn’t appeal to me quite as much.

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