Zengeon Is an Anime Roguelite Coming to Consoles

 Zengeon Is an Anime Roguelite Coming to Consoles

PQube have revealed that the anime roguelite, Zengeon, is on the way to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year. The game is developed by IndieLeague Studio and is currently available on Steam.


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Zengeon is based on ancient Chinese culture and deities, and revolves around the player collecting Memory Fragments in ever-changing levels. You can even play the game in online multiplayer, if adventuring alone is too scary.

As always with roguelites, you’ll lose everything when you die – except for your Memory Fragments, but you’ll be given plenty of power-ups along the way to help you out. You’ll be able to take control of 6 characters, each controlling a different Guardian Spirit, which promises to change up gameplay.

Steam’s Description of the Game:

The Blessed Land

For centuries a the Celestial Academy has protected a seal within the Blessed Land, keeping the Dark Emptiness from entering this realm. But… everything must eventually come to an end. During the Lunar Eclipse, a great power tore through the seal’s enchantments, unleashing the Dark Emptiness upon the world. Now, the Demon God makes his return…

Join The Celestial Academy

Choose from six playable characters, each with their own attacks, skills, and items. It is up to you, as one of the students of the Celestial Academy, to repel the Dark Emptiness and repair the seal in the Blessed Land!

Endlessly Replayable

Each venture into the Blessed Land is different, with varying stage layouts, enemy placements, and item pick-ups. The battle will be tough – but with practice and perseverance, you will be able to push farther than your last attempt. While pick-up items are lost on defeat, each character has unique story items that a kept permanently once unlocked.

There’s no release date as of yet, but we know it’s coming later this year at some point.

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