Eryi's Action
Eryi's Action Eryi's Action Eryi's Action Eryi's Action Eryi's Action
Eryi's Action
Developer: Xtal Sword
Availability: In Stock
Format: PC (Windows) Download
Players: 1
Publisher: Nyu Media
Genre: Trapformer
Release Date: Available Now

Getting killed has never been more fun – and believe us, you will die A LOT! What looks like a cutesy platformer from these screenshots, is actually a sadistically challenging game will kill you in the most unfair ways imaginable – which sounds horrible, we know, but it’s the central hook of the game, and is hilarious with it. Twisting classic platform genre rules and turning them against you, the result is a game that’s unique, maddeningly addictive and throws up so many surprises its ludicrously good fun to play.

Eryi's Action Overview 

Lovely, charming sprite-based platforming action, with a drak sense of humour!

Highly challenging platforming puzzles and traps to test the most skilled players.

Unlimited lives so no game over screen.

 It’s not about how many points you have, but how many times you DIE!

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 1 ghz or better
Memory: 160mb or more of free HDD space
Graphics: Microsoft DirectX9 or later.


Additional Information
Format PC (Windows) Download
Players 1
Publisher Nyu Media
Genre Trapformer
Release Date Available Now

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