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September 4th Nintendo Direct Highlights

There’s plenty of great games lined up for the Switch both in the tailend of this year and in the next, but Nintendo went and blew our minds with a spectacular Direct anyway! There was a lot to take in, so we’ll flag up some September 4th Nintendo Direct highlights. You can watch the full […]Read More

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Forms, Morpeko, and More Introduced

More details about Pokemon Sword and Shield are here, showing us some new Pokemon, as well as the special Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Forms of some familiar ones! We’re also introduced to some new rivals and the rowdy fanclub Team Yell. Check out the latest trailer below:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBiTpi8ecTE The Galarian Forms look great […]Read More

Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct Details and Release Date

A special Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct has given us a good look at the two upcoming titles, introducing some interesting new gameplay features and Pokemon. We also have a release date too, with Pokemon Sword and Shield releasing on November 15th! Check out a new trailer showing off the huge Dynamax Pokemon below:   […]Read More

Everything Revealed In the Pokemon Nintendo Direct

So, we’ve had our seven minutes of new Pokémon information just now, with various bits coming out to pretty much widespread hysteria (we were there, we saw it). But what exactly was revealed in the Pokemon Nintendo Direct this afternoon?   Firstly, the titles of these new Pokémon titles; Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. These […]Read More