Every new game announced during All Aksys Winter 2024

Aksys Games recently hosted their All Aksys Winter 2024 stream, going over a number of games releasing during this year and 2025.

The stream included information on a number of previously announced titles, such as Death Mark 2 and Blazing Strike (which now has a Summer release window). But there were also 5 brand new titles revealed by Aksys Games, most of which releasing later this year.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Switch

Releasing last year in Japan, the Nintendo Switch port of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is coming west during June 2024.

Unlike previous Xanadu titles, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ takes place in an alternate version of modern-day Tokyo. With the city recovering from an earthquake 10 years ago, protagonist Kou discovers that the natural disaster was not so natural after all. After following someone from his school, he ends up learning about a dangerous world known as Eclipse, and gains the power to fight back against the evil hiding in Tokyo’s shadow.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Switch includes the previous paid costume DLC, along with a turbo mode for faster grinding. A 4-disk soundtrack will also be available via the The Aksys Online Store closer to launch.

Radiant Tale -Fanfare-

The western version of Radiant Tale release for Switch last year, and now the follow-up fandisk Radiant Tale -Fanfare- is set to follow this summer. -Fanfare- takes place after the events of the first game, offering up new after-stories for each of the five main love interests.

In addition, the fan-disk also adds in routes for two side characters that take place after the common route of the original game.

For those that want to experience more of Radiant Tale, -Fanfare- features a number of mini-episodes on top of the previously mentioned after-stories. These take place during the events of the first title, highlighting new parts of familiar story scenes.

Tales from Toyotoki: Arrival of the Witch

Another summer 2024 title (this time coming to PS5 as well as Switch), Tales from Toyotoki: Arrival of the Witch features the young Hikaru Nishime who was supposed to stay with his grandfather on a remote island. However, upon arriving, he discovers that his grandfather has already left the island.

His current predicament leads him to Lilun, a witch that is also visiting the island. Brought together by their own circumstances, the unlikely duo decide to make the most of their meeting.

Virche Evermore -EpiC: Lycoris-

Another fan-disk, this time for last year’s Virche Evermore -ErroR: Salvation-. Virche Evermore -EpiC: Lycoris- takes players back to Arpechele, an island where humans are cursed to die once they turn 23.

Featuring five more dark stories to experience, Virche Evermore -EpiC will take protagonist Ceres and her potential suitors though another cycle of despair and salvation.

Despera Drops

Despera Drops is the furthest away of all games announced during All Aksys Winter 2024, being the only title to get a 2025 release window for Nintendo Switch.

Taking place during 2028 Rome, university student Mika Amamine is tied up in a mysterious murder and arrested. After escaping the police vehicle escorting her and a number of other criminals, she must discover the truth behind the murder.

Making things more complicated is Mika’s power, which is desired by a group that might be tied to the murder that got her into this trouble. She and the other fugitives must avoid this group and the police as Mika attempts to return to her normal life.

That’s every new reveal from All Aksys Winter 2024. At the time of writing, none of these titles are available on the European Aksys Games store. We’ll update this article with links to store pages (and any potential special editions) as they show up.

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