Demon Gaze II Review (PS4)

I’m not the biggest first-person dungeon-crawler fan in the world, but that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy them! Demon Gaze, back when it launched on Vita in the West in 2014, was one of the games in the genre that gripped me, and so news of a sequel had me actively excited.


Demon Gaze II is bigger and better, and it’s more accessible to newcomers. It takes places several years after the events of the first game but other than a few familiar faces, you can happily jump in here and not feel lost in any way. You are a new Demon Gazer, one with the ability to befriend demons, who lost his memories after a being captured in a mission on behalf of the resistance. The resistance is looking to free the people of Asteria from the control of Lord Magnastar, and you set out on an adventure to convert his demons to your side so that you can win a previously unwinnable battle.


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It’s easy to become addicted to Demon Gaze II‘s many engaging mechanics.

The story packs in a lot of laughs despite having a serious narrative, but first and foremost Demon Gaze II wants you to have fun with it. There are a bunch of dungeons to explore, many demons to capture, and several dates to go on, and it’s easy to become addicted to Demon Gaze II‘s many engaging mechanics.


Each dungeon has a series of circles which you need to control – by fighting a wave of demons – before you’re able to take down the leader of the dungeon. Of course, this means you’ll need to search for each circle whilst dealing with the dungeon’s many enemies and environmental traps, but fortunately the map makes navigating a cinch. Demon Gaze II isn’t too hard on its default difficulty, but those looking for something a little more sweaty palm-inducing will be pleased to know that it’s tough as nails on higher difficulties.


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Demon Gaze II doesn’t only offer up action though as it also has a few social elements. There’s a mini-game where you touch your acquired demons (of course) so that they become stronger and, once you’ve maxed out a heart, you can take them out on a date. This is a little scene where you get to know more about your chosen demon, and I’m a sucker for social elements in games! You need maintenance crystals to do this though, so I advise choosing your favourite demons to level up, rather than attempting to strength everyone equally.


If you’re looking for a gorgeous game, then you’ve got it. Demon Gaze II has crisp and clear character portraits, and I particularly enjoy how the eyes and eyelashes have been drawn. This level of detail stretches to the various demon portraits too, especially the demons you employ — they have two forms too, and you can trigger their more powerful forms with your star gauge. The environments are easy to navigate and it’s clear where traps are, and each dungeon has a unique, distinct theme.


demon gaze II review


Demon Gaze II ultimately wants you to relax and have fun.

The English dub is upbeat and I’m impressed by the involved talent’s performances, and its quirky tunes help to give the game the cheerful atmosphere that it has. Again, the story content may be serious, but Demon Gaze II ultimately wants you to relax and have fun.


Demon Gaze II is an improvement upon its predecessor, and it’s an easy recommendation if you liked the first entry. Those looking for a good dungeon-crawler to grind through will want to check this out, and it’s one of the more accessible games in the genre. It’s an entertaining ride, and I hope that we see a third game someday.

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