Katawa Shoujo heads to JAST Store for 10-year anniversary

Katawa Shoujo is now available to download for free via the JAST Store, 10 years after the game’s original PC release.

Launching a decade ago on January 4, 2012, Katawa Shoujo is considered one of the most influential English visual novels, helped in part by its interesting development history and free price tag.

The JAST Store release helps to preserve the game’s legacy, making sure it’s easily accessible even if the original download page goes down. All of its artbooks, wallpapers, and the soundtrack are also available via the storefront too.

If you still haven’t tried out Katawa Shoujo, it’s still worth checking out for both newcomers and veterans of the genre. If you’re after more info on what the VN is about, head on over to our overview of Four Leaf Studios’ ambitious project.

Katawa Shoujo story overview via JAST USA:

Nakai Hisao finds a mysterious letter in his math textbook that directs him to meet the anonymous sender outside. To his surprise, the sender turns out to be his crush! As she confesses her love for him, he collapses in the snow and the next thing he rememebers is waking up in the hospital. He is told that he has arrhythmia, a serious medical condition which causes his heart to sometimes beat irregularly. His parents decide it would be best for him to transfer to Yamaku, a school for students with physical disabilities.

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