Life is Strange Episode 2 Review (PS4)

Life Is Strange, is an episodic drama game centred on story and character development. The game consists of five episodes, of which the second released on 24th of March.





Life is Strange is an adventure game akin to titles from Telltale which includes interesting time mechanics which nicely tie into the narrative. We have previously covered Life is Strange episode 1.




Life is Strange episode 2 continues from where it left off in the previous episode. Our main character Max Caulfield wakes up the next morning after all these crazy events she has been through. There have been new things happening at the school like Dana organising a Halloween party, Kate’s viral video along with Victoria and the Vortex Club’s new schemes.


You will be in the middle of it all trying to make the best choices that affect the fate of your friends and yourself. This chapter’s story is heavily focused on bullying. A lot of drama ensues and I have to admit that the end of the chapter made me cry.




Not all of this chapter is situated inside the school though. You will venture into Chloe’s secret hideout in the woods as you are working on rekindling your relationship with her. You will be able to prove your super powers to her and impress her a bit along the way. I love the scene at her mother’s diner. It’s reminiscent of old diners like in Twin Peaks which the game embraces wholeheartedly as it has quite a few references to the show.


This time there are more puzzles than in the first episode which I applaud. Some of them are quite imaginative but I won’t describe them here because I want you to experience them for yourself. The only thing I will tell you is that puzzles work amazingly well with the whole time travel theme of the game and are thought out exceptionally well.




Tough choices you made in the previous episode will influence how important parts of the story play out in this episode. If you photographed Kate with David you will have a proof of David bullying her. On the other hand if you intervened you won’t have the proof but Kate will give you more regard. This and a lot of other parameters influence this chapter’s story.


Some other choices like if you didn’t water your plant in your dorm room also make an impact. The plant will wither. Details like this make the game feel organic and alive.




Some of the concerns that I had playing the first episode have been lifted like more puzzles and story influence. I am eagerly awaiting for the next episode as I think the series have a lot more in store to offer.


If you haven’t read my review of the first episode you can here.


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