Persona 4 Arena – New Features and Characters

Arc System Works hosts a location test event for the 2D fighting game “Persona 4 Arena”, from the 16th (today) to the 18th of August. They will host this event in 2 locations: “Hey” in Akihabara, Tokyo and “Taito Station Osaka Nihonbashi” in Nihonbashi, Osaka.



This is the first surprise look at 2 new characters for P4A that originated in Persona 3 RPG no word has been given about whether or not this is an early sign of a new version or whether it will just be updated as DLC. We would assume given Arc System Works history that these will be added as DLC however due to the amount of tweaks and changes we could see a whole new version of P4A being released.


A New feature has also been added; you will be able to switch between character “types”.



The normal characters remain the same with bursts that can break combos or fill your SP gauge however the new Shadow-Types will have “Shadow Rampage” (excluding Elizabeth and Shadow Labrys).

Shadow Rampage will allow players to combo normal moves and specials that would not normally be able to be linked together.

If your the kind of player like me who forgets about bursts then this 100% offensive type could be for you.


There are also a number of other little tweaks such as cancelling into short jumps and charging up special moves and possibly more to be revealed over the weekend.

Source: Famitsu

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