Yuri Manga Scarlet Licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment

Manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has announced it will be licensing Chiri Yuino’s yuri manga Scarlet in English next year! It’s always nice to see more yuri manga getting translated and released in the west. Scarlet’s fairytale-inspired characters look very interesting too!


Here’s an overview of the story via Seven Seas Entertainment:

After ingesting an illegal drug that makes her hunger for blood, Finé Hera makes a pact with a beautiful but wolfish Red Riding Hood. Iris Redhood offers herself up to help Finé slake her bloodlust, but her…services come with a price. Now, the two are narcotics officers on the hunt for the very drug that changed Finé!

Described as “an intense yuri series that combines fairy tales, drugs, and sexy supernatural adventure”, Scarlet sounds like it has a lot of potential! I look forward to seeing some more of the art.


Yuri Manga Scarlet Licensed in English

Scarlet will be released both in print and on digital platforms in North America, with the first volume due to release on February 11th 2020 at $12.99.

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