999 is being ported to other platforms

Spike Chunsoft and series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi has announced that 999, the brilliant visual novel and puzzle hybrid, will be coming to other platforms.
The platforms, if previous teases from Kotaro’s English Twitter account are to be believed, tease a Vita and Steam port, and it’s likely there will be a 3DS port too. The port boasts added Japanese voice-acting and updated sprites and as one of the best visual novels I’ve played, I strongly urge you to give it a go when it releases!
The Zero Escape trilogy recently wrapped up with the release of Zero Time Dilemma, which you’ll be able to read our review on very shortly, and now you’ll finally be able to play the entire series on one platform. Despite having played through 999 twice earlier this year, I’m already itching to get back to it so this announcement has me all excited!

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