Ace Attorney, God Eater 2 and Streets of Rage characters join Project X Zone 2

Bandai Namco has announced that a new slew of faces will be joining the ever-growing cast of Project X Zone 2, with Phoenix Wright yet again showing that he’s somehow incredibly capable of fighting.


Along with Phoenix Wright and assistant Maya Fey from Ace Attorney, Axel Stone from Streets of Rage, Ciel and Nana from God Eater 2 and Aty from Summon Night 3 join the fight. As a huge lover of Ace Attorney and Streets of Rage, this news has me incredibly excited! Hopefully Blaze from the latter will join too (one of my potentially earliest crushes in gaming) and maybe even spark interest in a new Streets of Rage game. Alongside the new faces are Ryu and Ken returning from Street Fighter, as well as Sakura and Gemini from Sakura Wars.


Project X Zone 2 releases exclusively on Nintendo 3DS later this year when the days and nights become incredibly cold, and when you can wrap up in all your blankets indoors with warm chocolate. It releases in Winter, for those who thought I was maybe describing Summer (you silly billy!)



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