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Street Fighter: The Waifu Review

It’s waifu time once more and this time I’m going to be looking at the wonderful ladies of Street Fighter! I’ve been a Street Fighter fan for quite a while now and despite its ups and downs, I still find myself coming back to play it every now and then. I love my shoto characters […]Read More

Yoshinori Ono Leaving Capcom This Year

The executive producer behind Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono, has announced over the weekend that he will be leaving Capcom this summer. Ono has been with Capcom for close to 30 years, and has become synonymous with the brand – especially thanks to his work on Street Fighter. Ono left a message on his Twitter account […]Read More

Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia Arcade Edition On The Way

UDON have revealed the upcoming Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia Arcade Edition, and it’s heading this way in Spring! It’s ideal to learn the background and story of the characters, from their blood type to their fighting style. This version has been updated with more than 40 new pages, including the Street Fighter V cast […]Read More

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection Revealed

Ever feel like you can’t get a good enough view of Chun-Li’s thighs? Fear no more! UDON have unveiled their Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection art book, which looks to pool together over four years of swimsuit and pin-up specials into one glorious, glorious book.   Here’s the cover art:     Look at the […]Read More

Street Fighter V Unofficial Netcode Patch – All You Need

So for anyone that isn’t familiar with Street Fighter V and its woefully awful past regarding its netcode, allow me to fill you in. SFV uses a form of netcode known as “rollback netcode” it’s not the simplest thing to explain, but I’ll try my best, this is the story of the Street Fighter V […]Read More

Huge Amount Of Capcom Original Soundtracks Added To Spotify

Video game music is a wonderful beast, giving a backing to everything you do in game, and allowing those sweet aural tunes to dig their way inside your skull until you simply can’t forget them, and so, we were incredibly excited to find out that a large amount of Capcom original soundtracks have suddenly appeared […]Read More

New World Warrior, Kage, available now in Street Fighter V:

The Capcom Cup 2018 ended in a phenomenal final over the past weekend with the incredible Gachikun taking the title in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition this year. This wasn’t all though, as after the Grand Finals, Yoshinori Ono revealed the next World Warrior to join the roster; Kage.     In Capcom’s own words: […]Read More

Street Fighter V is Coming to Japanese Arcades

Street Fighter V released on PS4 and PC back in 2016, but it never released in arcades anywhere. This is a pretty big move, especially in the Japanese fighting game community, and so it finally coming to arcades could give the game another big resurgence, just like its Arcade Edition update did.   Capcom and […]Read More

Street Fighter V Maid Outfits are Coming Soon for Four

Capcom has revealed that four Street Fighter V characters are getting maid outfits, and these characters are R.Mika, Menat, Kolin and Falke. Whilst Menat and Kolin have more traditional maid-style outfits, Falke’s is gothic-inspired, and R.Mika’s outfit is more fantasy casino-like.   These outfits will be releasing on 28th August, and you can get a […]Read More

G and Sagat trailers for Street Fighter V revealed

EVO 2018 was a goldmine of hype matches and fantastic announcements, of which Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition was no exception. Not only did we get THAT Grand Final, but also trailers for both remaining Season 3 DLC characters.   This isn’t all though, as it was also announced that both characters are coming today, […]Read More