Monster Hunter Rise Capcom Collab 3 adds Street Fighter’s Akuma

Monster Hunter Rise is already on its third Capcom collab event, this time bringing Akuma from Street Fighter V as a layered armour set on August 27, 2021.

The Akuma layered armour does more than just change your appearance — you’ll also gain his voice, and kunai attacks will change into Gohadokens and the Zanku Hadoken.

Sword and shield users get even more out of the set, as it’ll change the weapon’s attacks into punches and kicks. This applies to silkbind attacks as well, mimicking some of Akuma’s special moves from the Street Fighter series.

Based on the updated roadmap, two more Capcom crossover events are scheduled for 2021. Hopefully something more substantial is planned for Monster Hunter Rise in 2022 — while Akuma and Amaterasu costumes are cool additions, they’re not as game-changing as new monsters to hunt.

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