Anime’s 5 absolute best boys

Everybody has their best boys and best girls in anime. Usually you separate them series by series, but today I want to talk about my top 5 favourite boys in all of anime, across numerous different series that I’ve seen. This isn’t limited to just protagonists or main characters either, so any dude is a […]Read More

Five of the best anime to watch this season

We once again arrive at another new anime season and this time, I already have a handful of series that I’m really enjoying! Here are five anime series that I’ve been watching; I’ll give a short synopsis and then my opinions as to why you should give it a try. Sk8: The Infinity Reki, a […]Read More

Super Baby 2 Spotlight: Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide

It’s been a few days now since the arrival of Super Baby 2, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s newest addition, and already there is so much tech and information on the character that I think it’s time to have a bit of a spotlight on him. The main things I want to go over are Baby’s game […]Read More

4 criminally underrated Hololive VTubers you need to watch

There aren’t many things I’m happier to talk about than VTubers, especially Hololive, so here we are again in my happy place, but this time talking about some criminally underrated members, to go alongside our recent article on big-name VTubers from Hololive and beyond. Considering Hololive is my specialty — as the group is what […]Read More

The Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Transformation Tier list

Within the world of Dragon Ball Z there have been many, many different Saiyan transformations. The ones I want to focus on today are the transformations of the Saiyans, the hair colour-changing scenes that managed to constantly get fans all over the world filled with hype and excitement.  I will be going over all of […]Read More

Smash Sephiroth Fighters Guide

Estuans Interius, Ira Vehementi, SEPHIROTH! Never did I think we would see the day where gaming’s perfect man would enter the world of Smash Brothers. My mind is blown and my day is made. Honestly, when I heard that The Game Awards would be showing off the newest Smash character, my immediate thought was that […]Read More

Our 3 Most Anticipated New JRPGs

2020 has been a pretty good year when it comes to the new JRPGs that were released. Earlier on in the year we got to see Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Dragon Ball fans once again get to play through the story of Goku for the 100th time. The Yakuza remaster made its way onto the […]Read More

Our Favourite Anime From 2020

2020 has been an interesting year for anime. For me personally it was a bit of an odd one, as I would always start the seasons off strong by watching numerous series and then my enjoyment would begin to dwindle and I would only be left with a couple of shows per season that I […]Read More

Our Top 5 Anime Tropes

Anime tropes – some love them, some hate them. Some bad and some good, but you can almost guarantee that anime tropes are going to be included in some way or form. Whether it be specific character archetypes like tsundere or yandere, or maybe certain gestures or speaking quirks. Throughout the vast sea of anime […]Read More

5 Great Gifts For Anime Fans

It’s the festive season and as an anime/manga fan myself, I always look forward to those random gifts that my family gives me to somewhat reference a series I’m in to. It’s never perfect, but it’s the thought that counts right?   Which brings me into the topic I want to talk about today, and that […]Read More