Waifu Wednesday: Eunie (Xenoblade Chronicles 3)

Waifu Wednesday

Welcome back once again to another wonderful Waifu Wednesday; today we’re going to be talking about the lovely Eunie from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As of writing this piece, I have just finished the game after investing quite a bit of time into it and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Eunie was my favourite character and definitely the best girl. 

Waifu Wednesday: Eunie (Xenoblade Chronicles 3)

Who is Eunie?

Within the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 we are introduced to two opposing factions, the Keves and the Agnus; Eunie, along with Lanz and Noah, belong to the Keves faction. Within these factions, there are teams of soldiers, typically in groups of four, and Eunie is the team’s resident foul-mouthed healer with one hell of an attitude. 

While she may have a sharp tongue and a short temper, she is still an extremely reliable member of the team whose impact is valued. Having grown up with both Lanz and Noah, she is very close with the two of them; the three are pretty much inseparable. She holds a lot of respect for Noah, whereas Lanz she sees as someone to annoy and banter with. 

While it’s never said outright, players of the previous Xenoblade Chronicles games might notice some similarities between our lovely lady Eunie and the High Entia race from the first Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is something of a mix of its two predecessors, with the races that make up the Keves being made up of the races from the original Xenoblade. Best girl Melia would be proud that her title was passed on to another feather-headed cutie. 

Why we love Eunie

First off I absolutely love Eunie’s look through the majority of the game; the form-fitting bodysuit, hoodie and high-tops combo is just a *chef’s kiss* drip combination. Next up, and probably her most standout trait, is her personality. I absolutely love how much of a girlboss Eunie is, with her constant teasing and ‘take no shit’ attitude — it’s is a recipe for a top-tier waifu. 

I also found that on a couple of occasions Eunie would help voice some of my opinions. For example, there is a Hero character in the game who is just on a relentless warpath, and after hearing her reasoning for fighting, Eunie really lets loose on her. Eunie is a healer who loves her friends and has learned more about the world, so what this character says really hits hard for her. Having her vocalise all of that was honestly therapeutic, even if she does go a little bit overboard. 

All of the characters that make up the main cast carry some form of trauma with them and this is no different for Eunie. I don’t want to spoil it, but as you progress through the game you will learn more about the characters and the people that make up the Keves and Agnus on the whole, and Eunie’s trauma is linked to this. Personally, I think it’s one of the more interesting ones that the game has to offer, as it not only adds to her character but accentuates how evil the bad guys are in this game. 

Why you’ll love Eunie

If you’re a lover of the strong woman, girlboss archetype then you will absolutely love Eunie. Sure she has some kneejerk reactions to things and maybe jumps the gun, but it all comes from a place of wanting to protect the people most important to her. 

Finally, she has some really great character moments, especially when she comes face to face with the one responsible for her trauma. Seeing her hesitate, push forward, and then overcome it was such a great moment. Oh and she manspreads and stuff, which is random but just another thing I really like about the character.

Header art by kyl490. Original source here.

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