Hump Day Husbandos: Shu Yamino (Nijisanji EN)

Hump Day Husbandos

Hello all and welcome back once again to another Hump Day Husbandos article! Today I want to talk about Shu Yamino from Nijisanji EN’s fourth wave of VTubers — the first all-male wave of VTubers from the company.

This wave has quite a few really strong personalities, and I remember back when they debuted that Shu was, interestingly enough, probably one of the ones I was less interested in. But everything changed when I started watching Nijisanji EN’s greatest sorcerer!

Humpday Husbandos: Shu Yamino (Nijisanji EN)

Who is Shu Yamino?

Similar to one of our favourite boys here on Rice, Luca Kenshiro, Shu was a member of the fourth wave, or Luxiem group, of Nijisanji EN Livers. Luxiem is full of interesting characters such as a demon or a mafia leader, and with Shu being a powerful sorcerer from the past, he really fits right in with the theme of the group. 

One of the most interesting and hilarious parts about Shu is everything surrounding his character lore. Apparently, when Shu was just a boy, a man tried to trick him into stepping into poop, but he failed. As it turned out, this poop was actually magical and it proceed to fly at Shu, knocking him into his family home’s fireplace. As he was burning, Shu yelled about a “your mum” joke and then God decided to blast his ass into the present day. 

When it comes to the other Luxiem members and their characters’ lore being somewhat serious, hearing Shu’s comes across as such a ridiculous breath of fresh air — the stories are almost always the same, so why not have some fun with it?

Why we love Shu

Let’s start with his appearance, as it’s definitely striking. I’ll be completely honest and say that there are parts I really like and some not much. I love Shu’s hair, especially his signature banana on the front that always makes him look like a Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist. The wings on his shoulders are the part I’m not the biggest fan of, but I don’t think it takes away from his appearance so it’s fine, I suppose. 

Shu is probably considered the most dependable Liver amongst the Nijisanji EN cast, especially when it comes to things involving tech support. It has quite literally become a meme among the EN members that when they have any kind of tech issue, they immediately call tech Shupport. He also always makes sure that everyone is working when it comes to collabs, such as making sure either their game settings are all correct, or their audio is fine — he’s just a downright great guy. 

Finally, Shu is one of those blessed EN members who also happens to be fluent in Japanese, which means that we get treated to hilarious collabs with some of the JP branch members. One of my favorite things that Shu has been doing is teaching JP livers and viewers some of the internet slang that is running rampant here in the West. That and teaching Chigusa the word boobies.

Why you’ll love Shu

Shu’s streams are a great place to be if you want to chill out when it comes to his Zatsudan streams. Shu is a genuinely clever guy and when he talks about things it’s always interesting and somewhat educational as well. However, he’s also great when taking part in collabs with other EN members; the recent Goose Goose Duck collab was hilarious, and Shu has some fantastic moments all throughout that stream. 

Finally, while Shu is most definitely a wonderful, helpful, wholesome boy, he is also considered one of the most savage people amongst the EN Livers. In a recent “Roast Tierlist” stream by Iluna’s Kyo Kaneko and Ethyria’s Enna Alouette, they placed Shu in his own transcendent tier. Enna is a pretty formidable force when it comes to roasting others, but listening to her go off about how she believes Shu has some dormant roasting monster laying deep inside him is absolutely hilarious.

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