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4 criminally underrated Hololive VTubers you need to watch

There aren’t many things I’m happier to talk about than VTubers, especially Hololive, so here we are again in my happy place, but this time talking about some criminally underrated members, to go alongside our recent article on big-name VTubers from Hololive and beyond. Considering Hololive is my specialty — as the group is what […]Read More

A VTuber newbie learns about VTubers

Last week, our new editor here at Rice Digital asked me if I could write about VTubers. I told him the same thing I will tell all of you: I am 35 years old. (I’m 39, stop making excuses – Ed.) I just figured out what TikTok is. I have no idea who these VTubers […]Read More

13 big-name VTubers to drag you down the rabbit hole

Virtual YouTubers, or “VTubers” for short, have been around for a good few years at this point, but 2020 saw them explode in popularity among the English-speaking audience for a few key reasons: firstly, the fact that everyone was stuck at home starving for entertainment to get them through the day, and secondly, one of […]Read More

The Hololive EN Breakthrough

I’m always looking for an excuse to talk more about Hololive and the recent addition of the Hololive EN girls is a perfect reason to do so! I’m going to talk a bit about the EN girls themselves and what they’re about along with the, somewhat surprising, incredible reception they were met with. A New […]Read More

Hololive’s Wholesome Healing

I’ve talked about Hololive and their members a few times on here, but this time it’s going to be a little bit different. I want to talk about why I believe they have grown so much in the West recently, and the impact that it’s had and most importantly, why people are enjoying them so […]Read More

Hololive Revisited: VTubers You Need To Be Watching!

Last time on Hololive simp Z, Conor had only taken his first step into the vast world of Hololive. Having spent a long time training within the world of Hololive GAMERS, he learnt valuable lessons from the 4 gods. Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, Nekomata Okayu and Inugami Korone.  Having taken the words of the gods […]Read More

I Have A VTuber Addiction And So Should You

This one has completely taken me by surprise and I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do, but VTubers, Hololive Gamers specifically, are my latest addiction. Now, I’ve been following Kizuna Ai for a long time, so these aren’t brand new concepts to me, but Hololive is fantastic and I want […]Read More