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Ever since the debut of Nijisanji EN’s first branch, Lazulight, I have been hooked. As someone who fell into the VTuber rabbit hole through Hololive, I have found the Nijisanji EN VTubers to be much more in line with my sense of humor. I still love the Hololive talent, but I have been watching VTubers like Elira, Pomu, Enna, Shu, and so on pretty damn consistently since each of them debuted.

And as is the case with most of the Japanese-owned VTuber agencies, 90% of the talent they hire are fantastic singers. So today I want to list six of the best NijiEN songs and covers!

Pomu Rainpuff: Ikanaide

To me, Pomu is this huge ball of energy who manages to light up every collab that she’s in. She’s adorable, hilarious, energetic and as it turns out, a great singer too!

What took me by surprise when it came to this cover of hers though, was that the story of this song is the polar opposite of what Pomu is. Ikanaide is a song originally by Kaai Yuki, and while the melody of the song is fairly upbeat, the lyrics are about not wanting someone you love to leave.

Pomu absolutely kills it in this cover, and I’ve heard my fair share of covers of this song. You know it’s good when a song’s message is something not only sad, but something we have probably all felt at some point in our lives — and yet I can’t stop listening to her cover!

Enna Alouette: LOVE SPACE

I started watching Enna shortly after she debuted; I remember not tuning in straight away, but after hearing her original song ‘Wish of a songbird’ I was completely blown away — good Lord, this girl can sing!

After tuning in every now and then, Enna started her playthrough of Detroit: Become Human which quickly became a series I tuned in for every time she played. Her personality and the way she reacts to certain things became one of my favourite things about this potty-mouthed little bird.

As she played through she slowly fell in love with one of the protagonists of the game, Connor, and from that affection, we were blessed with her phenomenal cover of Love Space.

Finana Ryugu: TSUNAMI

I’m sure it was the case for everyone that watches Finana — you were absolutely not expecting this seiso-looking mermaid to be quite as lewd as she is. Her character model is on the quiet side as opposed to lewd and her voice is equally as cute and mild… so it was a shock to the system when she turned out to be on the hornier side of the spectrum — which I’m all for personally. (Horndogs unite! – Ed.) 

When she released her first original song, Tsunami, I couldn’t help but feel like the song was not only thematically in line with her, but also describes her personality as well. “I should‘ve said still waters run deep, nothing is ever what it seems” and “I’m sorry if I come on a bit too strong, that’s how we do things where I’m from” — both of these lines describe the surprise most people probably had as well as Finana herself saying “Hey, this is just me”. It’s really clever!

Ike Eveland: Chronos

I slept on most of the boys when they first debuted and holy shit was I so stupid to do so! All of the Niji EN boys are incredibly talented in numerous unique ways. Ike had me with my jaw on the floor when he did a karaoke stream where he covered the song ‘Aspirin’ and belted out one of the most unexpected and amazing screams I’ve ever heard. 

It’s fair to say I was quite excited to see what he had done with his cover of Chronos. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly it is about his voice, but Ike’s voice when he sings these metal/rock songs is so nostalgic to me. As you can imagine, there is a much-anticipated screamo section on his cover and it’s fantastic — after all, Finana already taught us to never judge a book by its cover, I suppose!

Luca Kaneshiro: Mafia

Oh boy, I love Luca — this boy truly speaks to me. I too have been through what I imagine happened to Luca, where he began watching streamers on Twitch because he liked games, then one day he noticed that his vocabulary had been changed forever. No matter the situation, it doesn’t matter how dangerous, how risky… you can always pog. (You’ll go blind, you filthy pervert – Ed.) 

Honestly, Luca is a cuddly warm lion-boy who radiates positive vibes and I really enjoy watching him a lot — he says some weird and wonderful shit, but it all comes from a very wholesome place. To then see his cover of ‘Mafia’, a song that’s incredibly suited to his lore, with the description “Told you I’m evil” was so good. Despite him being this ball of energy, the song felt completely in touch with his character and resulted in a really great cover. 

Elira Pendora: Shoujo Rei

Similar to Enna, Elira always blows me away whenever she sings, because she is another one with a really powerful voice.

Much like Pomu’s cover of Ikanaide, this song tells a much sadder story than you would expect to hear from someone as positive as Elira. From my understanding of the song, it’s about a girl who committed suicide, and the story of her friend who couldn’t take the pain of the girl not being here anymore, so she too commits suicide.

Considering that Elira is one of the images of wholesomeness when it comes to Niji EN, I was quite taken aback when I looked into the song. Again though, it’s backed by a melody and feeling that makes you think of a summer’s day at the beach, and yet its lyrics are so much darker. Elira does a phenomenal job and it’s a must-listen!

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