4 of the best JRock tracks from May

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Summer is in the air and we’re celebrating the warm weather with a healthy dose of JRock. Whether you’re out at the BBQ or stuck in traffic on your way to a decidedly underwhelming British beach, these jams will keep you distracted from the slow decay of the world around you.

We have some new tracks from our favourite artists as well as a few new discoveries to help distract you from the constant bombardment of AI-generated “art” that we’ve all been under the last few months. If that isn’t enough, we also have some choice new tracks in the Rice Digital Spotify Playlist for you to enjoy.


I make no secret about how much I love BABYMETAL. The group is responsible for some of the biggest jams in JRock history and this track is no different. Off their new album, which is a weird, beautiful mix of different influences, METALIZM features enchanting guitar riffs, BABYMETAL’s typically exceptional vocals, and a rhythmic bass section to cap it all off.

The result is an almost hypnotic song that feels different from what the band has put out in the past and yet fits in perfectly with what we’d expect from them. I honestly can’t wait to see this song performed live later this year when the group makes its return to the UK. They remain one of the best live acts on the planet.

Tattoo – Official Hige Dandism

Something a bit more chilled to get you in the mood for summer, Official Hige Dandism has come out with some great songs over the past few years. Perhaps best known for their song Mixed Nuts, which served as the first opening to the Spy x Family anime, and for both openings to the Tokyo Revengers adaptation, this group has been making music for over a decade together. Since their major label debut in 2019, they’ve had several top-ten singles and a number-one album.

Tattoo is delightfully laid back and feels like a cold beer on a warm summer day. There is just enough of a beat to ensure that you can move to it, but nothing demanding or pushy. It is a good JRock summer track that lets you take life as it comes.

Pink Blue – Ryokuoushoku Shakai 

I hadn’t come across this band until this song wormed its way into my YouTube algorithm but they have quickly become one of my newest JRock obsessions. Their music is smart, charming, and effortlessly fun, which goes a long way toward making it onto this list. This song serves as the title track to their newest album and is the perfect introduction to Ryokuoushoku Shakai’s music.

We get just enough guitar to remind us that this is firmly in the pop-rock category, which is good because lead singer Nagaya Haruko’s vocals could easily steal the show at any given moment. Pink Blue is a fun, catchy track for you to dance around the kitchen to.


It would have been nearly impossible to leave this song off this list. Though it isn’t technically JRock, YOASOBI has still put out one of the most memorable tracks of the past few months. Oshi no Ko is a shockingly unique and deranged take on the idol anime genre, something that is perfectly encapsulated by the opening song.

Idol starts as a perfectly catchy and fun rap song from YOASOBI but, much like the show it opens for, the track slowly descends into a chaotic madness. There is a surreal feeling listening to the full version of Idol that makes you realise exactly how perfect it is for Oshi no Ko’s opening.

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