Six of the best Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the few shows that does exactly what it says on the tin. It always features at least one person named JoJo on a very bizarre adventure. It goes from a period drama about two feuding brothers to Jack the Ripper jumping out of a zombie horse’s neck in four episodes, but it doesn’t get really weird until the Stands are introduced.

These manifestations of a person’s psychic energy first come into the show during Part 3’s Jotaro Kujo’s globetrotting adventures and they quickly become what makes this show so memorable. There are dozens of options to choose from, but here are our picks for the most memorable Stands in JoJo and why they’re so bloody cool.

Star Platinum – Jotaro Kujo

JoJo's bizarre Adventure Star Platinum

This was one of the first Stands introduced in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and remains one of the most iconic. Its abilities aren’t that unique – it can punch really, really fast – but it makes it onto this list because of the impact it had on the show. Star Platinum is the most Shonen stand possible. Not only is it able to pulverise most people and things into dust, but it also magically gets the ability to stop time when it is most convenient. Gotta love a blatant plot device, right?

Gold Experience Requiem – Giorno Giovanna

Gold Experience Requiem is the ultimate defensive Stand in JoJo’s. Once it awakens its true power, it effectively reduces any incoming attack against Giorno to nothing, allowing him to survive almost anything. Gunshot? No problem. World-shattering psychic punch? Nothing to worry about. Giorno has got it covered.

Heaven’s Door – Kishibe Rohan

When people say that they are like an open book, they usually don’t mean it quite like this. Kishibe Rohan is a famous mangaka in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure world who also serves as the stand-in for the creator of JoJo himself. His Stand can literally open people up and read them like a book. Their entire past and the whole sum of their abilities are there for him to see. What’s more, he can make some edits to them, rewriting their memories or giving them new abilities on the fly. This makes Heaven’s Door one of the most terrifying and cool Stands in the show.

Strength – Forever

Forever is an orangutan that the Stardust Crusader crew finds aboard an abandoned ship. At first, they think he is just a weird but harmless ape, but it turns out he is a Stand user just like them. His Stand is the entire ship they are on, a revelation that massively changes the scope of what Stands can do in the show. Up till that point, most Stands were some variation of attacking enemies with swords, fists, or fire. Strength showed that there was an increasingly chaotic world to explore.

Sticky Fingers – Bruno Bucciarati

What would you do if you could add a zipper to any surface you wanted? It would make for a neat party trick, but Sticky Fingers showed how it could be used in a fight if you were creative and clever enough. When you think of strange Stand powers, this one is up there. Bruno uses it to store things inside his body, put things in other people’s bodies, and even detach his own limbs when he needs to.

Tohth – Boingo

Boingo is one half of a pair of assassins along with his older brother, Oingo. Boingo’s Stand is a simple one – Tohth is a comic book that displays what will happen in the future. Once images appear on the pages, they are set in stone; no amount of effort will change their outcome. This should make Boingo one of the most powerful Stand-users in the show, except his criminally bad luck and penchant for simply being a terrible person often get in the way. Still, a comic book that tells you the future is an awesome ability and stands out among the other, more offense-based Stands.

Not seen JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure yet? You should, because it really is that weird and wonderful. You can watch most seasons on Netflix.

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