Waifu Wednesday: Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater)

Soul Eater was the very first anime I ever finished, so it holds a very special place in my heart. While there are many amazing women characters in the franchise that qualify for Waifu status, Medusa is the character I find myself constantly coming back to. Let’s take a look at what makes her so special!

This write-up contains very mild spoilers for the Soul Eater anime.

Who is Medusa?

Medusa is a witch, one of the three Gorgon sisters, and Crona’s mother. We first see her posing as a nurse at the DWMA in order to further her goal of spreading fear and madness, a position she maintains for an impressive amount of time alongside her evil-doing and whatnot.

All witches in Soul Eater are modelled after a particular spooky animal – Medusa’s theme, unsurprisingly, is snakes. She is not the Medusa from the Greek myth, but her design takes a lot of design from her, particularly her snake tattoos.

Medusa from Soul Eater - preparing an attack with vectors

Why we love her

Because she’s a stone-cold badass is why. Medusa is considered a Powerful Witch, powerful enough to run her very own coven. She is capable of unleashing utter destruction on her enemies, not the least with her “Vector Snakes”, which are two-dimensional attacks taking the form of angular arrows. She apparently has 1,000 of these snakes literally inside her body, which perhaps makes her a Reverse Medusa.

She is also a scientific genius, with much of her exploits in service of researching and experimenting Black Blood, an artificial weaponised body fluid of her own creation. That paired with her killer character design creates the perfect cold-blooded waifu.

Medusa being evil!

That being said, she’s not a fantastic mother – Medusa is a villain through and through, and very rarely reflects upon her own actions. That being said, she has been observed to possess an “enormous” soul – whether that just equates to raw killing power or some modicum of emotional prowess is left up for debate.

Why you will love her

Whether you read the manga or watch the anime, Medusa plays a pivotal role in both, especially when concerning Black Blood, one of the coolest concepts I have ever come across in an anime. She is the direct or indirect cause of some of the show’s most impactful sequences.

If you’re looking for a waifu with a heart of gold, Medusa ain’t it. But if you’re looking for an outright villain who has completely abandoned morality in favour of madness and cool factor (and who shares a number of steamy scenes with husbando-contender Stein), you’re in the right place. She also has her share of comedic moments, if only concerning her dealings with the manic cast of Soul Eater characters, which provides a nice contrast to the perfect precision she demonstrates in battle, strategy and analysis.

Medusa and Stein

If we’ve successfully whetted your appetite for hot evil witches, give Soul Eater a watch on Crunchyroll today!

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