Post-apocalyptic visual novel Archetype Arcadia launches on October 24th, with pre-order discount available for PlayStation and Switch

PQube has announced today that Water Phoenix’s dark visual novel, Archetype Arcadia, published by KEMCO on Steam, will soon be available to play in English on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

With a robust 50+ hours of choice-based gameplay, vibrant artwork and an unforgettable story, Archetype Arcadia looks like a solid new play for visual novel fans, and may be of interest to those who enjoy stories of the bleaker variety.

In good news for console players, you can save 10% when pre-ordering Archetype Arcadia on the Nintendo eShop or the PlayStation Store!

About the game

This dystopian sci-fi visual novel follows two siblings, Rust and Kristin, searching for life in an apocalyptic world ravaged by a horrifying disease that urges humans towards “self-destruction”. When little sister Kristin falls ill, she begins treatment by spending time in Archetype Arcadia, a mysterious virtual world. When Rust finds her unresponsive one day, it’s up to him to follow his little sister into Archetype Arcadia and save her from the “severe consequences” of staying in the virtual reality. But who created this strange new world, and why?

Players experience the story through the eyes of several different characters, using fragments of their perspectives to piece together the mystery of Archetype Arcadia, Rashomon-style. Choices should be made wisely, as one misstep can mean death in this unforgiving world, and it seems that there’s more than one Bad End to avoid… Will you be able to find salvation for both brother and sister?

Archetype Arcadia screenshot - Kristin says "You gotta be strong and greedy to win. Otherwise, you'll just get things taken from you, y'know?"

You’ll be able to find out in just under a month – Archetype Arcadia is coming to Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on October 24th. Check out the Steam page to find out more!

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