Yuzu lawsuit settled, emulator ends development immediately

Tropic Haze, the development team behind Switch emulator Yuzu, has settled its lawsuit with Nintendo.

Due to the Yuzu lawsuit, development of the emulator will end immediately. Tropic Haze will also have to pay Nintendo $2.4 million in damages.

In a statement on Twitter, the team mentions that they have “always been against piracy”, and are disappointed that Yuzu was used to “leak game content prior to its release.”

Of course, one of the likely reasons Nintendo went after Yuzu over competitors like Ryujinx, is due to the project’s Patreon (which is now gone). The team locked certain builds and fixes for new games behind subscribing to their Patreon, thus taking things beyond simple donations.

Citra, a 3DS emulator by Tropic Haze, has also ceased development. It and Yuzu are both open source, so expect new forks of each project to appear unless Nintendo plans to go after more emulator devs in the future.

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