Anime to look out for this October

Autumn is upon us, and you know what that means – the last anime season of the year is soon to arrive! Famitsu have published a full list of which titles you can expect to see cropping up from October 2023, and we’re liking what we’re seeing. Here are our highlights!

My Favourite Is The Villainess

“Company slave office worker” Rei Ohashi is reincarnated as Ray Taylor, the heroine of an otome game she enjoyed in her previous life. In this dreamlike world, it’s her duty to conquer the handsome princes of the Royal Academy – but the only person she’s interested in is Claire Francois, the haughty rival… Will Rei be able to forge a Good End Path with the sheer force of yuri alone? Only time will tell.

Release date (first episode): October 2nd, 2023

Undead Unluck

Fuuko Izumo is a young woman haunted by her past, as well as an unusual ability to bring bad luck to anyone who touches her. Luckily she meets Andy, an “undead” man who is trying to die in the best way possible. Together they begin an unlikely working relationship that takes them both farther than they ever imagined.

Release date (first episode): October 6th, 2023

Spy X Family Season 2

The beloved Forger family is finally back for a second season of the hit slice-of-life anime. Not only that, it looks like the end of the season will be followed up with the series’ feature film, Spy x Family Code: White, on December 22nd in Japan. It’s gonna be a good day, or perhaps a good evening, when we get to see this charming ‘temporary family’ back on our screens.

Release date (first episode): October 7th, 2023

My New Boss Is Goofy

My New Boss Is Goofy is an anime adaptation of a series that started as a Twitter webcomic in 2018. The show will follow Kentarō Momose, a traumatised salaryman who has recently left a horrid job at a black company to work for Yūsei Shirosaki, who he is delighted to find is a complete airhead. Chop chop, yaoi artists!

Release date (first episode): October 7th, 2023

The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess

Boy, October 7th is gonna be a busy day for otakus!

Based on the light novel and subsequent manga, this anime follows Terakomari Gandesblood (Komari if you’re nasty), an aristocratic teenage vampire who can’t drink blood, practice magic or even exercise. She wakes up one day to find her father has placed her in charge of the Mulnite Imperial Army, which is filled with criminals after her new job. With the help of her (slightly infatuated) maid Vill, she’ll have to fake it till she makes it (and by “makes it”, I mean “conquers the entire world”).

Release date (first episode): October 7th, 2023

Attack on Titan: Season 4 (Part 4)

Man, I can’t lie – they have dragged the hell out of this last season. It’ll be quite a relief to finally put an end to the saga with Attack on Titan’s very last episode (which I’ve seen a lot of people calling Part 3: Part 2? Why is that, exactly?)

Despite my usual bitching, it’s been interesting to say the least to watch the once-simple (simple by anime standards, anyway) world of Attack on Titan bloom into a decently complex, Game of Thrones-ish collision of warring factions.

Release date: November 5th, 2023


I was pleasantly surprised to find that this anime is actually a sequel to a 1989 anime series, based on the manga by Shigeru Mizuki, with Junichi Sato returning as director.

The show will follow Akuma-Kun (or Devil-Kun), a “once-in-10,000-years genius boy”, as he teams up with his partner, Mephisto III, to solve mysterious cases, including the mystery of his own origin. The art style and score are so much fun – how lovely to reboot this series for a whole new generation of fans!

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