Chrono Trigger’s Time Travel Rules

Did you know that it has been twenty-five years this month since Chrono Trigger was released onto American consoles? Because it is something I have been keenly aware of for the entire year. Chrono Trigger was the formative game of my childhood. I keenly remember being enraptured by the characters and the music and the […]Read More

Persona 5 Royal: The Waifu Review

Every Persona game comes with some top tier waifu material, and Persona 5 was no disappointment in that regard. Carrying on the success from Persona 4 Golden several years earlier (and this year, it seems), Persona 5 took a slightly different approach to their romance options. Not only was there the usual party member romance […]Read More

JRock: 4 Songs We Listened to In July

Another month of 2020 is in the books and the world has somehow managed to continue turning. I’ve been squirreled away, digging through my backlog of JRock bands that have been demanding my attention, finding a plethora of new gems to share. So much so that I’ve made a whole playlist on Spotify so I […]Read More

3 Essential Ghost of Tsushima Tips

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the biggest games of the year and one that I’ve been dropping a load of time into the past few weekends. Being the kind gamer that I am, I’ve put together a handy list of things that you can do to avoid making the same mistakes that have made […]Read More

Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima has been one of my most anticipated releases of 2020 since I first saw the trailer for it last year. The possibility of running around a feudal-era Japan, locking swords in a world inspired by the Kurosawa films I grew up with, was instantly appealing to me. I had my expectations going […]Read More

Ghost of Tsushima: 4 Things to Know Before Playing

Going into this year, Ghost of Tsushima has been one of my most anticipated games. Directly inspired by the samurai films I shouldn’t have been watching but loved as a kid, this game has all the makings of a Game of the Year contender for me. We’ve talked about some aspects of it in the […]Read More

Vash the Stampede: Anime Hero

Growing up, we all have our heroes. Some people idolise Superman or Wonder Woman or the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. For me, I latched on to a slightly different but no less impressive hero. Trigun, the classic post-apocalyptic space-western manga and anime, was one of the first shows outside of Dragon Ball that I fell in […]Read More

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Review

In a year that is full of chaos, sometimes it is nice to head back somewhere familiar and safe. So that’s why for the past several months I have been looking forward to the Switch port of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Though I never played the original Game Boy Advance version (back […]Read More

Story of Seasons: 3 Things to Know Before Playing

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is quickly approaching and, aside from having one of the longer names in gaming today, its also one with a deeply passionate fanbase. I’ve been looking forward to this game since I finished my third playthrough of Stardew Valley and was looking for a game that would remind […]Read More

JRock: 4 Songs We Listened to in June

Hey, friends. You made it to halfway through the year that has felt like six years happening at once. As we wrap up June, I take a look at the JRock songs that got me over the hump of 2020. I mean, it must all be better from here on out, right? As before, this […]Read More