The 4 best Bulma outfits

Like many people, one of my first introductions to anime was the granddaddy of ridiculous transformations and convenient power ups, Dragon Ball. It’s a show that occupies a special place within the anime community, so we’ve discussed it and its merits multiple times. But we’ve never given you the definitive rank list that you’ve all […]Read More

What we want from Zelda’s 35th Anniversary

We’re less than a month away from the 35th Anniversary of the first Legend of Zelda game. Since its original Japanese release on February 21st, 1986 on the Famicom Disk System, the series has become one of the best-selling and most iconic in video game history. There have been some arguable misses along the way, […]Read More

Waifu Wednesday: Sae Niijima (Persona 5)

Last year I did a Waifu Review of one of my all-time favourite games, Persona 5 Royal. I was pretty happy with it. The game is, after all, brimming with romanceable waifus for every taste. But there was a character I left off — not because I didn’t like them as a character but because […]Read More

A great year for JRock

2020 was something else, right? With everything going on, it would be easy to forget that it was a fantastic year for JRock. While live music might have been on hold for a lot of the year, we still got some great music coming out of Japan all through 2020. So, I’ve gone through my […]Read More

A VTuber newbie learns about VTubers

Last week, our new editor here at Rice Digital asked me if I could write about VTubers. I told him the same thing I will tell all of you: I am 35 years old. (I’m 39, stop making excuses – Ed.) I just figured out what TikTok is. I have no idea who these VTubers […]Read More

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out Season 1 Review

This year has been a solid one for silly slice of life anime. Rent-A-Girlfriend was a surprise highlight, a romantic comedy that featured characters firmly out of high school and into their college years. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out is a similar show, a comedy with a simple with-they-won’t-they premise and featuring a young woman […]Read More

Age of Calamity: Spoiler Review

One thing that is sacred when you’re writing for the internet is the need to protect people from spoilers, so I have been very careful in my writing about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. It’s a game that I had been looking forward to for months, a game I didn’t know I needed. I went […]Read More

Age of Calamity Fighters Ranked

We’re just over a week out from the release of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and its quickly become one of my top game releases of the year. Between the satisfying combat, the unmistakably Zelda feel to the world, and some really creative uses of the storyline we know so well from Breath of the […]Read More

Our Top 3 Simple Changes to the Anime

Storytelling is a complicated thing. Change even one small thing and it can create an entirely different work of art. Its one of the reason that alternate history stories are so compelling, because with one a small tweak we can see where our history might have been. So as a thought experiment, I wanted to […]Read More

4 Top Tips for Playing Age of Calamity

Age of Calamity is the kind of game that takes a moment to learn but a fair amount of time to master. With so many different combos to get your head around and so many different characters (No spoilers here! Don’t worry!), it can be a little overwhelming when you first pick it up. Like […]Read More