Which Version of Chrono Trigger Is Right for You?

I don’t think I can overstate just how much I love Chrono Trigger. The music and characters remain some of the best in the JRPG scene and its legacy is still felt today in the way it changed the kind of stories that were told in video games. This is a game that has had […]Read More

The Story Behind Secret of Evermore

When you think about JRPGs that came out in the West in late 1995, your first instinct might be to think of Chrono Trigger. And for good reason. It is certainly one of the best games in the genre, but what if I told you that just a few short months later a game would […]Read More

Bradio’s Best 3 Lockdown Offerings

If you’ve been following our Japanese music coverage here at Rice Digital lately, you’ll know we love Bradio. The funky trio are known for bringing something new and different and their upbeat attitude and energy has gotten us through the last few months of… well… everything going on. As part of my effort to spread […]Read More

Kaguya-sama: Love is War? Subtitle Drama Explained

Localisation is an important part of anime. Without it, we would all have to learn a whole other language just to watch buff shirtless men shoot lasers from their fists. I know just enough Japanese to know how difficult the job is, so when there was some controversy around the subtitles for Kaguya-sama: Love is […]Read More

Chrono Trigger and the Impact of Choice

Chrono Trigger is a game that is included in (almost) every reputable list of JRPG classics. The 1995 SNES game broke many barriers and brought numerous innovations to not only the genre but also to what sort of stories video games could tell. So much can be said about how it brought us things like […]Read More

Inuyasha Sequel Anime Announced

Inuyasha. Now that is a name I have not heard for a long time. The classic early 00’s anime was many millennials’ introduction to just how much of a soap opera the anime genre could be, so it is with both excitement and trepidation that I have greeted the news of a Inuyasha sequel series […]Read More

Great Live JRock Shows to Watch Online

It feels like the world of live JRock is coming to a standstill. We’ve talked before about how anime have been impacted by the epidemic, but the impact has been felt at live events as well. Conventions are cancelled. Retailers are struggling to fill orders due to breakdowns in manufacturing chains. Concerts and festivals are […]Read More

Senran Kagura: How to Do Fanservice Well

I would say that fanservice is a guilty pleasure of mine, but that would imply that I could feel shame and my shame gland shrivelled and died a long time ago. As a result, I have played more of the questionable games on Steam and consoles than most people would be proud to admit, but […]Read More

3 Great Anime Tabletop RPGs to Play

When I’m not playing JRPGs, watching anime, or retweeting lewd art on Twitter, I’m probably adventuring away at one of my ongoing tabletop roleplaying games. Now, you might think that the only tabletop game on the market is Dungeons & Dragons, but you’d be so very, very wrong. There are plenty of other games that […]Read More

Delayed Anime and Covid-19

We all know that the coronavirus is impacting pretty much every aspect of our lives, but we in the West have been lucky enough to continue having a wide variety of art delivered to us via TV and streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, ect) without too much in the way of delays. The new […]Read More