10 of the best RPGs under £10 on Steam

Everybody loves a good bargain, particularly if said bargain can keep you busy for many, many hours after that initial outlay. So here’s a freshly picked selection of role-playing games from the depths of Steam that you can grab right now for less than a tenner — even when they’re not on sale! Final Fantasy […]Read More

The welcome return of Scott Pilgrim

As we sink deeper and deeper into the digital age, more and more discussions are starting to arise on the subject of video game preservation — particularly how we might preserve those games that are only available as digital downloads on proprietary platforms. A few games come up quite often in these discussions, with one […]Read More

The gentle Zen of Guitar Girl

I’ll level with you, dear reader; idle and clicker games kind of baffle me a bit. After all, the genre was popularised by 2010’s Cow Clicker, a game intended as satirical commentary on the vapid nature of many mobile and social games at the time, and not as something that people should take too seriously. […]Read More

Redo of Healer’s brutal tale of revenge gets off to

Many anime fans will doubtless already be familiar with the name “Redo of Healer”, primarily because everyone is expecting it to be the big controversial “hot take” show of this season. But if the first episode is anything to go by, there’s the potential for a really interesting story to be told here — plus […]Read More

How to build a cute waifu in VRoid Studio

Those seeking an easy way to build custom characters have been well-served in recent years. Between Kiss’ thoroughly NSFW Custom Order Maid 3D 2, Illusion’s equally lewd Honey Select Unlimited and Koikatsu Party, and now art community Pixiv’s perfectly wholesome VRoid Studio, designing your own perfect waifu or husbando has never been easier. VRoid Studio […]Read More

It’s Makina from Grisaia’s birthday

The three Grisaia games from Frontwing are absolute classics of the visual novel medium — and some of our favourite multi-language visual novel releases on Switch. They feature compelling and lengthy narratives with some of the most memorable characters you’ll ever get the chance to hang out with. Today, January 13, it’s the birthday of […]Read More

10 of the best sexy games on Nintendo Switch

Those of us who have been gaming for a few years at this point will doubtless remember the rather puritanical Nintendo of the ‘90s, where we weren’t even allowed to have blood in our violent video games, let alone the slightest glimpse of anything even vaguely naughty. Now, however, Nintendo has well and truly embraced […]Read More

13 big-name VTubers to drag you down the rabbit hole

Virtual YouTubers, or “VTubers” for short, have been around for a good few years at this point, but 2020 saw them explode in popularity among the English-speaking audience for a few key reasons: firstly, the fact that everyone was stuck at home starving for entertainment to get them through the day, and secondly, one of […]Read More

Letter From the Editor

Hello everyone, and a very warm welcome to Rice Digital, whether you’re a new reader or a longstanding veteran of our comment sections and other online communities! My name’s Pete, and I’m hugely excited to be taking over as site editor for Rice Digital today. With that in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity […]Read More