Unsurprisingly, Mugen Souls Z is also coming to Switch

Not long ago, prolific localiser-publishers eastasiasoft released a Nintendo Switch version of cult favourite Idea Factory RPG Mugen Souls, which not only brought the game to a whole new audience, it also restored a lot of material that was cut from the original western PlayStation 3 release. Now, unsurprisingly, the follow-up Mugen Souls Z is on the way, too.

This is the fourth title where eastasiasoft has partnered with Idea Factory to bring past titles to a new audience, following dungeon crawler Moero Crystal H, saucy RPG Seven Pirates H and the aforementioned Mugen Souls. While both Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z previously had an English language release prior to their Switch ports, unlike Moero Crystal and Seven Pirates, the western versions drew widespread criticism for excising some of the more ecchi elements such as minigames based in hot springs and certain CG images. As such, the new Switch versions of both are the definitive English releases.

Mugen Souls Z

In Mugen Souls Z, you once again take control of goddess Chou-Chou as she hopes to conquer the twelve Zodiac worlds. As Chou-Chou hops between worlds, she’ll uncover an ancient evil and have to cooperate with another goddess named Syrma to put a stop to any shenanigans once and for all… while reminding everyone that she is the undisputed goddess, of course.

The game features a variety of worlds to explore freely, a hefty degree of character customisation and turn-based combat on free-roaming battle maps. You can customise the appearance and abilities of party members, and also capture monsters to turn them into Chou-Chou’s minions. If you’re someone who likes Disgaea-style big numbers, you’re in for a treat, too; Mugen Souls Z features a level cap of 9999, plus the ability to put out billions of points worth of damage at a time.

The game’s story essentially acts as a tutorial for the overall mechanics, which require you to explore the planets and absorb their energy via various means. This often involves capturing “Planet Spots”, which in turn requires you to complete various objectives such as defeating enemies or recovering items. Some planets cannot be fully explored until you’ve unlocked additional abilities, too, so there’s plenty of incentive to explore all the available game worlds as much as possible — as well as the challenging “Mugen Field”, where powerful enemies and valuable items await.

Mugen Souls Z

The Nintendo Switch release of Mugen Souls Z not only restores the cut content from the previous western release of the game, but also incorporates everything that was previously released as DLC for the PlayStation 3 version. Not only that, but in collaboration with Play-Asia, eastasiasoft is producing a physical run of the game, too, including a limited edition.

The limited edition includes a collector’s box, a copy of the game, a manual (shock!), a 2 CD soundtrack set, a sticker sheet and a numbered certificate. Only 3,000 copies of the limited edition will be available (and a standard edition will also be available), and they are expected to ship in September of 2023, so not too long to wait.

At the time of writing, the physical versions of Mugen Souls Z are not yet available for preorder, but going by previous eastasiasoft/Play-Asia collaborations we can expect the limited edition to be very reasonably priced — a great way of showing your support for eastasiasoft’s excellent work bringing us uncut English versions of these cult hit RPGs.

Mugen Souls Z

Mugen Souls Z goes up for physical preorder on June 22, 2023 on Play-Asia. The game will also be available digitally via the Nintendo eShop in North America, Europe and Hong Kong, though we don’t yet have a date for when this will be available — presumably around a similar time to the physical version, so September of 2023.

Until then, don’t forget that it’s not long since the first game came out on Nintendo Switch — so why not enjoy that in the meantime?

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