Atlus set to self-publish future titles, including Persona 4 Arena, in Europe

In a not so surprising announcement, it has come to light that Atlus will be publishing Persona 4 Arena in Europe themselves. Whether this will also apply to future Persona games is unclear at the moment.


Geraint Evans, Head of Marketing at PQube, has stated they will no longer be publishing Persona 4 Arena digitally in Europe. Atlus will now be handling publishing duties themselves on this themselves – which may explain the titles absence on PSN over the last week.


This shift to self-publishing digitally, is a move that’s recently been mirrored by Arc System Work’s release of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. We suspect that this will most likely be the same with Ultra Ultimax Suplex Hold and other Atlus titles.


How do you feel about this recent shift towards digital only releases in Europe? Hopefully Persona has enough pull in Europe to justify a physical release and limited/collector’s editions.


We hope to see Persona 4 Arena back on the PSN Store soon!

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