Gal Gun 2 Review (PS4) (Switch)

I was not five minutes in Gal Gun 2 and I was already being literally thrown to the ground while a girl straddled me, and a bunch of others watched dreamy-eyed at the scene. I didn’t know whether to be aroused or petrified. Either way, the game had me hooked since then.     In […]Read More

Aegis Defenders Review (PC)

For some reason whenever I see a new tower defense game I am instantly hooked. It may have something to do with the back and forth gameplay, forcing you to meticulously create a base while fending off onslaughts of enemies ready to teardown it down. When I heard of Aegis Defenders, a game which meshes […]Read More

The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Review (PS4)

The original The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 was a hidden gem of sorts. Yes, it had its issues, but overall it was one enjoyable romp. With the sequel The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 upon us, does it have the same magic as the original or is it hexed to fall into […]Read More

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] Review (PS4)

Recently the fighting game space has become increasingly crowded with excellent 2D fighters, as well as 3D games that try to mimic the frantic nature and stylish presentation of their 2D counterparts. Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late[st] is the latest installment of this unique franchise and the first on PlayStation 4 and Vita. But is the […]Read More

Assault Spy Brings Kick-ass Briefcase Action to Steam

NIS America is bringing Assault Spy, a super-stylish action title, to Steam Early Access in May 2018. The action promises to be blindingly fast-paced with dashes and fancy combos, while the presentation is nothing less than stellar, reminiscent of the Persona franchise.   You play as either the professional spy Asaru or the spunky CIA agent Amelia, with […]Read More

Comiket 93 Doujin Lineup

Tokyo will see its 93rd Comiket from the 29th to 31st December at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center. As always, we got a glimpse of the upcoming doujin titles in the latest video from EdelweissNal which shows off well over an hour of trailers.     The lineup of games was varied, featuring everything […]Read More

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Review (PS4)

There is just something about a contemporary JRPG that makes things feel exciting. Wearing an antibacterial mask and quaffing a potion, all while checking messages on your latest Xiphone 6S feels both surreal and refreshing at the same time.     Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is a high school simulator by day and action dungeon crawler by […]Read More

Suika A.S+ Review (PC)

Summer, the season of endless greenery, beautiful blue skies, and of course love. Suika ties all these feelings together to create a beautiful compilation of romantic stories.       Suika takes place in the small remote town of Tokiwa, where endless green fields stretch as far as the eye can see. Instead of focusing […]Read More

Metal Max Xeon Announced – Mad Max meets Open World

The Metal Max is making a comeback in spring 2018 with the latest installment Metal Max Xeon for both PlayStation 4 and Vita. The series has been on a hiatus, with the previous titles being Metal Max 4 for the DS and a mobile spin-off Metal Max: Fireworks.     For those new to this […]Read More

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood New 2D Fighter

Square Enix is bringing us a new fast-paced 2D fighter by the name Million Arthur: Arcana Blood. For the unacquainted Million Arthur is a popular a mobile role-playing card game. It is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, with the Android version having over a million downloads.   This new fighting game […]Read More