Ayaneo Flip combines handheld PCs with the Nintendo DS

Ayaneo has started pre-orders for its latest Windows handhelds, the Ayaneo Flip KB and DS.

Shipping from March 2024, the Ayaneo Flip features a similar clamshell form factor to Nintendo’s DS line-up, including dual screens for the appropriately named Flip DS. Naturally, this means that it would make for a good way to play DS/3DS and Wii games via emulation.

As with most Ayaneo handhelds, there are a lot of different version for the Ayaneo Flip. This includes 3 versions for each AMD CPU option (Ryzen 7 7840U or 8840U). Prices range from $739, all the way up to $1279 for the most expensive option.

The Indiegogo pre-order campaign runs until March, with Ryzen 7 7840U units set to ship during the same month. 8840U units are currently aiming to ship during April 2024, assuming there are no delays.

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