Whu… abueh… uhm, good.

Character Cosplay Focus: Yoko Littner

Sometimes a character comes along that is just designed in such a way that it seems it was made specifically to be cosplayed. It’s a thing that happens, every character designer out there knows it, but few will ever say it. Sometimes you make something just to see hot people cosplay it. It’s a fact of life. It’s as natural as the birds and the bees.


And it’s the topic of todays HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC feature: Character Cosplay Focus.


This is it! This is my first feature on Rice Digital! I’m in the big leagues baby! As I sat down to write this I told myself; “Self, you better bring it for realz this time! You better bust out some serious journalism!”. This is my chance! I finally get to be a legitimate writer man. After this, my best-selling novel that will earn me a big pile of money and Russian women to sleep on is surely not far behind. This is my big break! Just. Don’t. Blow. It.


After many nights of agonizing and rummaging around in the dark empty underground parking lot I call a brain, I finally found something. The perfect thing! A cosplay fetish thing. The best kind of thing. Let’s go!


Join me on a journey of hotness, where only the most graceful creatures deign to show themselves. Let us first start with taking a look at todays subject; Yoko Littner, the titular star of Gurren Lagann. A badass lady with a badass body and badasserer sniper rifle.


Yoko Littner art
Yoko Littner is one of the superstar waifus.


Her design is truly exquisite. A marvel of practical clothing choices in a desert wasteland populated by massive killer mechs. The designs on her bra keeps you distracted while she takes aim for the killing shot and her scarf keeps her nice and warm on those cold desert nights.  Surely the bracelets adds weight and strength to her punches in battle and her attire is clearly designed for agility and speed – strategically choosing to not cover certain areas with unnecessary clothing that might hinder mobility.


This unique and striking design has inspired thousands of lovely young cosplay girls to recreate the beauty and grace of Yoko Littner for our viewing pleasure.


Let’s have a look at some of the best examples of this and explore the advanced techniques required to achieve this kind of top tier cosplay.


Without further ado, let’s get right into things and have a look at our first batch of Yokos.


Yoko Littner cosplay
Oh hello


Yoko Littner cosplay
Those are some short shortshorts!


Holy crap are you SEEING THIS!? OH MY—ahem, carry on.


Yoko Littner cosplay
Now here’s a game of peek-a-boo I’d like to play!


Yoko Littner cosplay
Hitch hiking maybe?


Oh my. Uhnng.  As you can see, the amount of time and effort they put into their outfits is astonishing and truly worthy of praise. Not to mention the rigorous diet and exercise regimen required to pull this outfit off in a way that honours the character. And posing! Not to mention posing, choosing the exact positions to truly reflect the innermost workings of the character and the majesty of their… assets.


Let’s have a  look at a few more shall we? Bring forth the Yokolites!


Yoko Littner cosplay
She’s already in the hay. Half the job is done!


Yoko Littner cosplay 13


Whooh, damn son!! I would… I mean, let’s take a look at the details on the belt next. Do you they found a belt like that in the shop or made this themselves? Can you even imagine the blood, sweat and tears these ladies put in the leather workshop they’ve no doubt rigged up in the alley behind their apartment building, next to the homeless man cardboard house.


Yoko Littner cosplay 15
Did I say the one before was too cute? Bar is raised!


Yoko Littner cosplay 4
I was always captivated by flames…


Nngh… wow. Is it getting warm in here? I swear the heating must be turned up too high. Phew. Where was I? Oh yes, as you can see, the assets are amazing, by which I mean the carefully constructed flames on the bras are very well done and the hair surely takes forever to get right.


My heart is beating really fast.. must be the nerves! This is my biggest writing gig ever, just keep it together Nate, you’ve got this.


I have steeled myself. Let’s bring out some more Yoko’s and break down the refined techniques they use in the high level costume creation on show here.


Yoko Littner cosplay 10
OMG I can’t even…


Yoko Littner cosplay 7
She looks almost as happy as I am!


HNNNGH. No it’s okay, keep them coming! The rifles… there’s rifles too! Carefully crafted rifles, no doubt made of real metal that can be loaded with pure sexyness. Surely no tagalong boyfriend is safe from being made to carry these beasts around for 90% of a convention.


I’ve recovered. Strong as a bull! Bring on some more!


Yoko Littner cosplay 8
LOOK AT THAT… rifle.


Yoko Littner cosplay 15
Whu… abueh… efbhfglkjasd.


HNNNGH! I was going to HNNNGGH… but then I HNNNGGGH.


I… I don’t know what’s going on. It’s getting hard to breathe here… hnng… But it’s fine. I’m a professional now. I’ve got this! My dream of Russian women piles is within reach! I just have to hold on!


Let’s have one more and then start the breakdown. Hit me with the Yokels!


Yoko Littner cospolay 11
I think I need to lie down for a while.


OH MY GOD! HNNNNNNGH!! GGGGHHHUUUUGH! It’s happening! I… can’t hold it! I’m going to…


I tried so hard and got so far…


Ugh…huh… I… I’ll just see myself out now.


PS: If YOU, yes YOU! didn’t vote for Yoko Littner in the Waifu Wars, then you are the worst kind of person. Actually the worst. WORST.



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