Waifu Wars 2015 – full bracket revealed!

It’s here. It’s happening. The votes are in and your Waifu’s have been compiled into a Top 32. Waifu Wars 2015 is about to begin! Now, last year we were accused of somehow ‘being bias’ by a whole bunch of people regarding the grand final in 2014.


Even though the correct way to say it is ‘being biased’.


Were we being biased? Judge for yourselves.


Anyway, who cares – a new war is upon us! You can tell that this contest is 100% legit, because we’ve even let in the Skank Waifus like Cortana (Wondows Phone) and Mara Sov and Eris Morn from Destiny in. Personally, I’m hoping that Bob Ross crushes them all.


Here’s the competition results so far!




Here is the full bracket below. Let it be said now, that if your chosen Best Girl didn’t make the cut then they are officially Trash Waifus.




So, what do you think? Once again, Persona Best Girls are back in force proving that thay are, without a doubt, Top Tier Waifus – but can they fend of anime favourtes like Asuna and Hestia?


There’s only one way to find out!


This week we will be kicking of proceedings (hopefully on Friday once we’ve created all the assets to make this look pretty!) Then, for the first round we will be putting up four girls at a time to the public vote – and from then on Waifu Wars 2015 will run EVERY. SINGLE. DAY until one God Tier Waifu has been confirmed ‘Officially Best Girl’ for the next 12 months. Assuming Rice Digital still exists, or we haven’t all been fired.


(which is always a possibility)


Prepare your bodies folks. This is gonna taste salty… which, er…  is not quite how I saw this article ending, to be honest.



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