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Tales of Asteria Recollections of Eden PV2 Released, is Good

Bandai Namco have released a second PV for Tales of Asteria Recollections of Eden, the fourth chapter of the game. Asteria is a spin-off game for iOS and Android that crosses characters from all the Tales games together, and has been around since 2014.     It’s worth noting that Tales of Asteria is different to […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Heat Four – Vote Now! The Round

Heat One, Heat Two, and Heat Three were all pretty mega events, with some really surprising results! You can keep track of what’s going on here! The first round as a whole is almost at a close, and Heat Four looks just as exciting! Voting will shoot by fast, and will end at 12pm on the 27th – tomorrow! […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Heat One – Vote Now!

The day is finally here! Sound the battle horns! The full bracket for Waifu Wars 2015 was unveiled last week. Now be begin the first heat, where 8 potential waifus will go head to head to proceed to the next round! Voting will be quick and dirty, and will end at 9am on the 24th […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 – full bracket revealed!

It’s here. It’s happening. The votes are in and your Waifu’s have been compiled into a Top 32. Waifu Wars 2015 is about to begin! Now, last year we were accused of somehow ‘being bias’ by a whole bunch of people regarding the grand final in 2014.   Even though the correct way to say […]Read More

Gamescom 2013 Attractions

Because the amount of stuff found on the Gamescom show floor cannot fit in one article I decided to dump all the mechs, statues and vehicles I could find in this one article. Enjoy all the impressive giant things I could find!          Read More

Gamescom 2013 Impressions

After a long week of Gamescom its time for a summary of our impressions. We got to try out both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since there was a lot to play and see during the past week we’ll just summarize it into our top favorite and least favorite things seen.     Top […]Read More