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Persona Waifu Wars Winner Announced!

After many a grueling confrontation, the Persona Waifu Wars have come to an end! There were some close calls and some absolute landslide wins, and now the moment has come to crown a new queen! It’s Queen too. I guess we should have seen that one coming. Behold, the Persona Waifu Wars winner!   Waifu Wars: Persona […]Read More

Husbando Battle 2016 Top 32 Nominees

After a very…interesting nomination period, we can now announce the Husbando Battle 2016 top 32 husbandos who will be going through to round 1! We’ll add a bracket for who’s against who some time soon.   Here are the qualifiers:   – Fraser Overington – ( 283 votes ) – Hazama Kuroo (Black Jack) – ( 282 […]Read More

Husbando Battle 2016 ~Legend of Best Boy~ Nominations Open –

Do you believe that love can bloom on the battlefield? This year a new proxy war is waging. Shipping wars are changing. This year we present perhaps the hardest conflict of all: Husbando Battle. Once again nominations are open to all.     Below you will find the nomination sheet for Husbando Battle! Only the […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Winner Announced!

It’s been a crazy competition, and you can look back on it all right here. The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows. All of it chronicled with the delicate pages of this website. There were controversies, attempts to cheat. But we stuck it out, as we always do for those who truly matter to […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Highlights – Lookback Video

The finals are happening right now! Go and vote if you haven’t already, it ends 18th December at 2pm! With that said, take a look at our look back at some of the highs and lows of this year’s Waifu Wars. including some juicy behind the scenes tidbits and controversies!     We follow up […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Final! Kuroyukihime Vs Rory Mercury

Wow. If you thought the other matches were close, the semi-finals really were something else. Each page refresh changed the game completely. But here we are. The end of the road. Only two remain now. It’s Kuroyukihime Vs Rory Mercury.     Voting ends at 2pm tomorrow, after which we’ll do a nice big post […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Semi Finals Round One – Kuroyukihime Vs

The Quarter Finals of Waifu Wars were a little rough. Voting was tight, and there was even some controversy over cheating, which we clamped down on hard. Now 4 waifus remain, and the end is in sight. Today? Kuroyukihime Vs Hestia     Voting ends at 2pm tomorrow! Check out our pre-match analysis:     […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Quarter Finals Round Four – Inori Aizawa

Despite the controversy of yesterday’s quarter final, we’re pressing on. Waifu Wars is an emotional time. And this is it. The final Quarter Final. This time next week it will all be under way for the final! Votings ends tomorrow 12pm!     If you even think of cheating we WILL find out, and your […]Read More

Waifu Wars 2015 Quarter Finals Round Three – Makise Kurisu

We narrowed Waifu Wars 2015 down to 8 finalists last week. Already two have fallen, in matches way more intense than we’d have imagined. This one could be called “the big one”. Makise Kurisu Vs Rory Mercury. Voting ends at 12pm on the 9th (tomorrow)! UPDATE: Kurisu disqualified after tampering.     Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate) Vs Rory Mercury (GATE)     […]Read More