Danganronpa V3 English Dub Roll-Call Trailer #1 Japanese Voice Comparison

While we already know all the characters that will be in the game, NIS America have released their first western roll-call trailer, showing the Danganronpa V3 English dub for some of the characters. You can expect these to ramp up as we approach the nearing release date of 26th/29th September (NA/EU).



You can compare it to the Japanese dub below. The way the voices sound are actually really similar!



It seems like they’re going for voices quite similar to the Japanese original. Danganronpa characters always have very extreme characteristics, so it fits.


Ryoma Hoshi, for example, is the Ultimate Tennis Pro, but he’s surprisingly tiny and has an even more surprisingly deep voice — both in the English and Japanese dubs.


Ryoma Hoshi — Ultimate Tennis Pro


We also get a look at Kaito Momota, the Ultimate Astronaut with a rough and righteous delinquent personality; Himiko Yumeno, the slow talking and super laid-back Ultimate Magician with an overly cutesy voice; and Angie Yonaga, the energetically pious Ultimate Artist. The trailer also introduces us to one of the Monokuma cubs, the robotic Monodam.


Kaito Momoata — Ultimate Astronaut


Himiko Yumeno — Ultimate Magician


Angie Yonaga — Ultimate Artist



Monodam — Monokuma Cub


Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony releases on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on 26th and the 29th September in North America and Europe respectively.

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