Fate/Grand Order Out Now in North America

 Fate/Grand Order Out Now in North America

With Fate/Grand Order out now in the US, thanks to Aniplex USA, on Android and iOS, fans can now finally play the game in English. A brief introductory trailer has also been released which touches on the mechanics of Grand Order.


fate/grand order out now


Watch the thirty second trailer below! There’s an anime based on the game over at Crunchyroll, too.



Fate/Grand Order is a card battler with RPG mechanics where you can make a team of your favourite Servants and heroes, and get absorbed in the gacha mechanic where you’ll find yourself rolling for specific characters for days on end — it’s a slippery slope and if this is your first foray into an anime mobile game, then good luck! Hopefully we’ll hear of a release in EU and other regions soon.

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