FREE GAMES! 100 copies of War of the Human Tanks to give away!

If you recall we had a drive some weeks back to up-vote Fruitbat Factory’s games on Steam – in a bid to see them (deservedly) win their place through Greenlight! Just like we did with 99 Spirits – we promised to give away 100 free game of War of the Human Tanks if it reached a certain level of votes.



Well, that time has come! Today we’re giving away 100 copies of War of the Human Tanks.


If you’ve just stumbled on this page in the hope of claiming a free game – but have NOT taken the time to vote for War of the Human Tanks on Steam Greenlight – then it’s fair to say you are a VERY BAD PERSON!


You can easily make yourself a VERY GOOD PERSON, loved by everyone and popular with very attractive young ladies – by heading to the Greenlight Page and casting an vote. Not only will we like you better – but you’ll also like YOURSELF better for not being such a massive freeloader.


Voted? Good – then read on!


War of the Human Tanks


All you have to do is head to War of the Human Tanks on the store here and then use coupon code ‘FREETANKS’.


We only have 100 codes available – and these will be on a first come first serve basis. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Good Luck everyone!





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