Hump Day Husbandos: Masakazu Misumiya (The 45-Year Old Gentleman Is A Tactless Beast)

It’s been a while since my one and only article about manga erotica aimed at women has been published here at Rice Digital. To remedy that, today’s Hump Day Husbando is my current favourite main male lead of a more smutty, romantic manga piece.

Allow me to introduce you to Masakazu Misumiya, a distinguished heartthrob you should not underestimate. Please love him just as much as I do, thank you, and thank you Tsubomi Chikuwa for creating such an unbelievably fine specimen of a gentleman in (full title incoming) The 45-Year Old Gentleman Is A Tactless Beast: Tonight, Teach Me How It’s Supposed to Be Done.

Who is Masakazu Misumiya?

Businessman Masakazu Misumiya is the title’s main male lead; a wealthy, divorced 45-year old who also has a son who is not immediately warm to its main female lead of Shihori. But as its titular 45-year old gentleman who is a tactless beast, it’s only half right of a title really. Masakazu is certainly a gentleman who represents some of the healthiest, glowingly tasteful palette of green flags imaginable. You only need to take note of his other family members being the temporary hurdles when it comes to their romantic relationship flourishing.

Why we love him

Within a serialisation of merely 14 chapters Masakazu does more than enough to prove that he is more gentleman than tactless beast. Even from its early days. During their first social encounter alone he’s quick to wrap Shihori up with his coat since it’s late and cold, provides comfort and consolidation when she’s emotionally distressed and communicates clearly, asks for her consent numerous times and makes his intentions clear before acting. He is evidently transparent with his words as showcased throughout their blossoming relationship.

He frequently reassures her of their relationship across its development and was always emotionally vulnerable and receptive, remaining open and honest regardless of the situation or drama that they overcome as a couple. He keeps her safe 24/7 as shown during their second date day when he’s more than happy for her to order any drink from the menu whilst he remains sober in order to take them home and during their camping outing he’s escorting her across the tough terrain. He also never fails to acknowledge and apologise when he’s in the wrong, which is almost never since he’s a man that usually does no wrong. A true gentleman is as considerate and attentive as he is.

Why you will love him

What’s particularly striking about Masakazu is how he’s finally pursuing something (or rather someone) that he wants – for quite possibly the very first time in his life. He only ever agreed to marry his ex-wife in the first place because it was an arranged marriage. It was a loveless imprisonment of his most interpersonal relationship, but Masakazu remains a loving father and supportive ex, and now he’s finally able to pursue the romantic relationship he has always desired.

One could understandably take Shihori’s actions within the first chapter as going for a rebound when settling with Masakazu for the night considering the set-up. Shihori was infatuated with a co-worker who lied about his marital relationship after all. But on Masakazu’s end, he’s immediately invested in Shihori. He never considers their first encounter as a one-off and is quick to follow through with that as he visits her at her work. He asks her not just for her phone number but leaps at the opportunity to get to know her more by asking her out on a date.

That’s despite his constant insecurity of him ever even having the audacity of approaching her due to their age gap which, as you can imagine, they talk over after a few more dates. He’s all in when it comes to her and solely her from the get-go, and that’s immediately endearing. Plus, the silver fox is just as much of a smooth talker as he is a hopeless romantic. Masakazu as well as their relationship is the sweetest, most endearing and enriching romance I have seen within this genre as of yet.

Be sure to read it because you will certainly be swooning as much as I did.

Lilia Hellal
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